Transit of Venus and Several Stupid reasons therefore to believe this is the year to set up a new Brewing Business

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

2012 is to be a year of The Transit of Venus,

What is a transit of Venus I hear you all say?
The Transit of Venus when Venus passes directly between earth and the sun, we see the distant planet as a small dot gliding slowly across the face of the sun. Historically, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system.

When Is it?

The next transit of Venus occurs June 5 or 6, 2012, depending on your location.  This will be the last transit of Venus to occur in your lifetime, the most recent transit of Venus was a thrilling sight in 2004.  After the June 2012 transit of Venus (the last one in your lifetime), the next such alignment occurs in 2117 , so if you miss it you wont get another chance!!!!

Now I was not really privy to the Transit of Venus until a few short weeks ago, but since I was made aware i have read a few things etc etc and noticed a few odd things that stupidly, got me thinking that setting up The Cheshire Brewhouse (something i have been planning before my knowledge of the transit of Venus) this year could be aligned in the stars better than I thought!!!!!!

This is where you start to read what a knob, however i will go on with my ramblings if you care to read, Looking at Past Transit of Venus events,

The first recorded Transit of Venus was 1639 and was seen in the Village of Hoole near Preston Lancashire.

The Next was 1761 followed by 1769,

I looked up notable events for these years and this is where It got interesting I couldn’t find much of interest  in the way of beer for the first two Transits but there it is recorded that Guinness was first exported in 1769, also Scaldis (Dubuisson Brewery) were also established in 1769, Tennants had a change of Regime and Name in that year also with the Company Changing to J&R Tennant, at the Wellpark brewery Glasgow. all large events in beer in what was the  duplicate 8th gap year of the second recorded coming of the Transit.

I moved on and looked at the next transit dates 1874 & 1882, with interest in the trailing Transit year of 1882, Notable beer events for 1882 Include Brains Brewery were established in Cardif, Kopparberg were established in Sweden, Shumensko pivo (now Carlsberg) were established in Bulgaria, Joseph Holt handed the reins of the Holts Brewery Manchester, over to his son Edward, Ram (Young’s) Brewery Complex) was rebuilt, & most notably Wrexham Lager brewed their first lager in 1882.

It appears on  the surface that the years of the second occurrence of the Transit of Venus (the transit that comes 8 years following the first of the pair of Transits), is good for Beer Businesses and brewing in general, as nearly all the above are still household names to more than just beer people.

Therefore with this in mind I am hoping the 2012 Transit of Venus is going to be a Good omen for a strong start for The Cheshire Brewhouse, I have the 14th May as the date I am moving into premises, Forms for licences etc are filled and sent, plans are in place for build of equipment, drains etc are in place & I hope to be getting the first commercial brews on around the time of the transit, ready for release to the general market for Mid June . Exciting times & one can but hope, the omens are good ones.

Further to this if you have a home brewed beer and want to enter a most interesting competition held in the Village of Hoole on June 4th 2012 please look at Transit of Venus Real Ale Competition

For more information on the Transit of Venus please visit


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