The Beer Moment

May 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

The Beer Moment


What is it to me?

The beer moment to me is the thing that drives me through the drudgery of the working week, the light at the end of the tunnel, the 20 minutes at the end of the working day where I can sit down, relax, bitch about the crap I have had to troll through for the past 10 hours, and the short time where I can enjoy that fantastic living breathing cask sensation that is real ale, with a like-minded beer lover in my local.

The Beer Moment is a release, it’s also a time for discovery, revelation and wonder.

Let me explain, I am a regular at 2 local public houses not far from my house, the beauty with these pubs is that they have an ever-changing stable of new beers on tap, therefore each day there is always something new to try, and if not there is a real smorgesboard of choice, & choice and new flavors, is a real fascination to me, there is nothing like trying a beer style you didn’t think you liked to find that the pint you have in your hand is the most interesting and delicious pint you have tried all year, Beer can surprise you, and beer that has been made by a passionate and gifted brewer can really surprise you.

So in summary for me the beer moment is the 20 minute transition period that I can lose myself in a wonderous liquid, after work before facing a hectic house of home life where the demands of a dad take over from the demands of a manager in an office, It’s a time I can grab for myself kicking and screaming, “its my time” and long may it be so.


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